Blues Dancing!

For one of my assignments in my HCI class we were asked to attend any free dance/ sport/ art event and then interpret the movements into a potential interface or object design. It was a small assignment, but it got us to go out and look for local things to do. I ended up finding a meetup group that does an hour of blues dance lessons every week so I took the opportunity to see what blues dancing even was.

Before I went to the event I had to look into what blues music was because I was clueless so I made a station on Pandora to get myself ready. I was surprised to find that I really like blues music! When I got to the event I realized blues dancing isn’t very hard and looks like a lot of fun. I unfortunately didn’t get to participate very long enough to learn much dancing because the Arizona heat really got to me, but it still looked like a lot of fun.  I drank plenty of water, but I rode on a motorcycle to the event and it was 108 degrees out so I was way too overheated I tried twice to get up and do some dancing but nearly passed out so I just watched after that. Still I loved the music and I got to watch others learn to dance and it was a great learning activity in many ways.