Blood, personality and tea!

This last week was crazy busy for me, especially because I’ve been fighting being sick during most of it. Monday we had class like usual, then there was a blood drive so I tried to give blood, but couldn’t because of low iron and what’s funny is that none of my roommates were able to give blood. One was from Germany and couldn’t the other was 4 days too early to give blood again and the last one was able to except when they went to put the needle in they went too far on both arms!

In-service(teacher and administration day long meeting) was on Tuesday and most people get the day off, but since I work at the school I went to it. We learned more about the DISC profiles, how the different personalities act and different ways to talk with all the different personalities. They use the DISC at the school for lots of different things and I think every student still has to have one while they’re attending I did mine in one of my PRO classes.

Wednesday was busy because I went to the major workshop to talk with faculty about my degree and the classes being offered etc. and then I went to the U-A-Tea club that night. U-A-Tea was interesting, the founder actually made a webpage for it ( next time I’m definitely bringing sweetener because I like my tea super sweet! But really it was a great opportunity to meet some other people that love tea and just talk and hang out while drinking a new variety of it. Otherwise Thursday was just a long day of classes and today we have our fall break.  I’m going to spend fall break getting my friends licenses so they can drive me around! Oh and then movie club is tonight!