The Blackest Friday of them All

Hi all! I’m back from our little Thanksgiving break I hope yours was as great and terrible as mine was. My Thanksgiving was great we ate food and there was pecan pie and ice cream, what more could you want? Unfortunately not paying very much attention to sales I didn’t realize that black Friday actually starts Thursday night. Now to me that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me considering it’s called Black Friday. Anyway, a couple hours after eating, while stomachs were still full and warm, we set out to the black Friday sales. The main reason I agreed to go was to make sure my girlfriend didn’t get trampled which I heard was common. We were in the store before the sales started and when they did it was hectic and people were shoving for stuff and there were cries from both the winners and losers of this epic battle. In the store it felt like a roman Colosseum it was insane I went in a mere slave but I came out a gladiator.