OOOO Black Magic

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is having a great Easter or Sunday whatever you guys celebrate. This week post is about the new camera the DV program has received in the last couple of weeks. From the title it might be a bit confusing and what the heck is so cool about it. For more details here is the link about the Black Magic and its importance here for filmmakers;

Alrighty so the main camera that we have used for all our big projects before the arrival of the Black were our DSLR cameras which were the Canon 5D mark 2 and the 7D. Now these are great camera but at the core they are for photography. So for the longest time independent filmmakers with small budgets had to use high end DSLR for filmmaking, nothing that there is wrong with that. However the Black Magic dare I say is a bit of a game changer. You see the next best camera that are actual cameras for us filmmakers were the RED series which at least cost 16k which is quite a bit of money. However the Black Magic are only 3k which is quite a bit of saved on money but it shoots great quality video. I may be wrong but the quality of the DSLR think shoots at 1.5k resolution while the Black Magic shoot at 2.5k resolution which is quite bit of leap. Now another great thing the camera is that in comparison of the DSLR it is much easier to use you could almost master it in a day if you have experience at using the camera beforehand. Another really cool feature especially for cinematographer is that it is lens compatible with DSLR lens that means all our lenses that we have here are fully functional with the camera.

On that note I will call it for today and I hope everyone will have a great rest of the week.