Batter up

Hey guys welcome back, so after the first week of shooting we got some great footage we are going to have a pick up day. Now first what is a pick up day? A pick up day is an extra day that is used to get any shots that was not able to be shot that day or if you are not satisfied with the shots that you have and must be shot again. Anyways this week has been crazy not only had we had the first Borderland shoot but we also had our 48 intercollege challenge this weekend too. Now what is a 48, beside being a number. Well the 48 is a 48 hour challenge to complete a movie, you are given a theme, and couple of specifics such as props and a specific line that must be included also. Since it is the intercollege UAT competed against other schools around the valley.This was our first time using the black magic for the event and we got some great pictures and it went really smooth. Beside that its to prep up for the upcoming shoots which will be interesting to see how that goes.

I am typing this couple of hours before we find out who actually wins so who knows, beside that good luck to the other teams and will post the results next time.

Signing off, Myagi