The Journal in Which I Brag About the Art Skills of my Roommate

Awhile back, my roommate Devon, who is also an ambassador, came up with an idea for a comic series. She is an amazing artist, so we decided it would be neat to have her draw the comics without words. Then, given the pictures she drew, I would attempt to write the dialogue for the characters. That would be the comic for that week. For the next week, I would write out a script for her to draw. Neither of us would see the pictures or script beforehand.

Devon went first, and she drew a really cute comic. However, there was no room for speech bubbles, nor was their any reason for the comic to have words. Devon showed me her comic (which is the first four panels below) and I just shrugged and said “I can’t really do anything with that. It’s very cute though.”

And then Devon drew that interaction below her four panels of comic.

For those of you who have never seen pictures of us (which shouldn’t be the case, as our pictures are on the blogs), Devon drew pretty accurate representations of what we look like. I was pretty impressed, and I’m excited to see how she draws the script I give her.

Also, check out this sweet artwork by me and Kyle. I realized halfway through drawing bulbasaur that I wasn’t going to have room to finish. Oh well, Bulbasnail it is!