Apps! Apps! Apps?

Hello everyone and today we will talk about something very serious not really APPSSSSSSSS. Apps are now part of everyday life and are more and more use for our convenience, efficiency, and over all shenanigans. However if any of you guys know me or read my past post you know that I love films and that I worked on it. With that said I started searching apps that will help me with film making or anyone out there is interested and for the next couple of weeks I will bring you couple that I have bought and used for this purpose exactly.

First one coming up is a great tool for any directors and Directors of Photography, both roles being essential to the film making aspect and to each other. I highly recommend it as I have use it recently for a final. The name of the app is Shot Designer;

This link will take you to their main website but you can find the app both in the IO and Android market which is one of the pros of the app as it will be able to reach several users. The app is also great as it can be use with a varied of amount of devices which I currently have on my S3 and my Google Nexus 7, I have however also used the app on an Ipad and they all work like a charm (I like tablets better as the bigger screen really helps with moving items in the software).

Anyways the app focuses on blocking which is a super important part of the Director and helps as a navigation tool for the actors also. There are many features to this app that goes into your blocking diagrams which I will probably write something about soon enough.  There is a catch to this app there is both a free version and a pro paid version. The pro has some really nice features such as being able to work on multiple scenes which is a guarantee when doing a film it also has a file sychning and sharing on a online drive, and a couple more.

Overall the app is a great tool for any film Directors that can use a tool for an edge and to help them get better and this one is really a BIG help, well at least for me.

Signing out, Dinh Dinh