Apocalypse Fever

Sorry for the late entry guys, being sick this week threw me off a bit. I’m fine now though, so no worries!

This weekend kicked off HvZ (which you already know if you read my last journal or saw my video blog). I was expecting to become a zombie after the first night, because I can’t run as fast as others. To my surprise though, I made it to the Final Stand! I was quite proud of myself. Plus, the RAs and the moderators did a really good job ensuring that the game was fun. I can’t wait until next semester to do it all again!

Other than that, I watched a bit of tv while I was sick, and stumbled upon a show called The Colony. It’s a show about a group of volunteers who participate in a ten week experiment about what survival might be like after an apocalypse scenario. The thing I thought was really neat was what they managed to build to survive. In the episodes I watched, the group survives on solar power using panels they salvaged from a nearby building and one of the members even build a flamethrower for protection.

Until then, have a happy Halloween! I still don’t know what I’m going to do for a costume. Satterfield Journal: Human VS Zombie results