Adventures in Photoshop

This semester I’m taking a Photoshop class for the first time. Although I had previously used Photoshop in my Art101 class to complete an assignment, I had never been taught how to properly use all the tools. I went from hating how complicated Photoshop seemed to really enjoying how to use it.

In the class, we started out by learning how to use the selection tools. From there, we began to learn the basics of Photo retouching using Photoshop.

Our first goal was to learn how to bring out the features of people. The idea is to enhance the photo without drastically changing too much. One of my first attempts is below.

Original on the left, and mine on the right.

My favorite part for all this has been learning how the models in magazines look the way they do. I never gave much thought to it before.

Original on the left, mine on the right

And here’s a picture we created to learn how to use the Liquify tool. This was mostly for fun, but it was very useful for learning how to modifying people and objects a bit more drastically.

He was the silliest creation so far.