Student Models Zombie Apocalypse Game Levels after UAT Campus

Jon Hugh, a student here at UAT as a Game Design Major, lately has been working on an awesome gaming project. He tested out his level design skill, and decided to recreate the UAT campus during a zombie apocalypse as his level. He took photos of the school and then created the rooms as structurally accurate as possible. He started creating the level in the KF Editor in Mid-January. He has been working on it as a side project in his spare time, and has his close friends playtest it. The level currently has an ammo spawn and both trader shops can be accessed at the same time. He created the academic building, including the small commons with student computers. He is still in the process of creating the dorms that can be accessed within the UAT level; he plans to release these levels in beta soon. Check out his awesome level design screen shots at Or check out a trailer of the game in action at

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