The Last of Us is probably my favorite game of all time and I was excited the moment I first saw the trailer back in 2011. I was surprised when I saw a familiar logo tied with The Last of Us , it was Naughty Dog I couldn’t believe that they were making this game one of my favorite companies of all time. After I finished watched the trailer my mind start racing to the story and game play , like who was the older guy and was that his daughter , is this going to be a survival horror which is one of my favorite genres of video games. I could not wait til June 14 2013 this was going to be the best day ever for me. After watching the trailer over for the 100th time I started really diving into this trailer like who is this young girl is it the mans daughter or is she somebody he found and grew attached to her , then I started questioning who the man was. I noticed the girl and the man did not look similar  at all , this was probably the first time I really dug deep into a trailer for a game not to mention there hasn’t been a game since. Don’t get me wrong its not like no other game gets me excited its just not on the level as The Last of Us to be blatantly honest. To me the whole survival horror is one of my favorite genres and some games out there would half fill this genre a least to me. The resident Evil series did a pretty good job especially with 4. Now I have gotten into countless arguments with my roommates and friends over this game , some good most bad getting a little of topic here but I think that reviews for games are awful , like why let somebody else tell you if a game is bad or good. To be completely honest I don’t care what anyone says to me this game is my favorite. How else can I explain that it has a linear story and I have played it 6 times over not including my play through right now that on the hardest difficultly in the game.


The whole setting for this game is just insane from all the little detail to the way the world transitions into seasons when you play. One of my favorite things about this game is the atmosphere Naughty dog does such a great job with capturing the setting of this game it almost draws me in and makes me feel apart of this world. Which is crucial in video games  especially in survival horror if you can entice somebody into a survival horror , this really brings the game to life and not just the characters but everything down from the last detail that includes a broken down car that may have blood smeared on it which might send the viewer interested in how that blood may have got there this builds tone and with tone you really give that player an experience that they wont forget. Another thing to notice is in Last of Us you aren’t constantly in the same or same season, the story takes place all over the united states places include Texas , Wyoming , Pittsburgh Pennsylvania , Utah ,and Colorado , when you travel its also changing seasons. Looking at the game design of the game environments play a huge part of how this game is setup just like any other game. The way Last of Us works is the right game play giving players the option to go in guns blazing or being stealthy, the reason this is great , it gives the player a choice like should I risk using my ammo and not being able to salvage for  some later in game or should I take the enemies out quick and quietly. Also with the environments you can tell whether or not what enemies you’ll be fighting whether humans or infected the game does a great job of letting the player know this. This kind of game play can change the way you play every time and that can make the game different every time.



In the Last of Us them music composed is one of the best that I’ve ever heard its brings such meaning to the game and really captures the tone throughout. I think music plays a huge part in this game especially at the right parts it can set the world up to be this hell where you need to always fight for survival or everywhere you look the world that once was it now lost. Then in some parts of the game the music kinda makes you reflect on all the loss , hardship and sacrifices you made to make it to the end. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of times where the themes can be inspiring to continue on and keep surviving.