This and that, oh and the other thing!

I don’t know what it is about winter, but everyone is getting sick! I was sick for a couple days and it was terrible missing school, I hate missing classes. But there were still plenty of things to do this week, so I couldn’t stay sick forever. Friday we did a really cool AMA(ask me anything) with Alumni from the school and they gave a lot of insight into the various career paths they took and the most important thing I learned was network and make sure the people you meet know what you like to do. They’re supposed to be planning another one which is great; connecting alumni and current students is beneficial to all involved. Then there’s this new event Founders Hall is putting on called “Art Unplugged” which is where you basically don’t use anything digital that runs on electricity to create a piece of art. I can’t wait to get some time to do a painting; it’s been too long since I’ve painted! I definitely share when I’m done, whether I win or lose it still gives me a chance to get something done.

Saturday I went to the Desert Coding Camp which was an interesting experience, some of the classes I took were terrible others were informative and then one was just over my head, but it was free and I got to meet some interesting people so not all was lost.

Yesterday I found this really cool app for making prototypes of apps it’s called pop ( basically you take pictures of your wire frames and then you can link between images. It’s so simple and so useful! I just borrowed an iPad from the library so I can’t wait to put this app in action to test out this app over the break. I just finished story boarding it so the next logical step it to prototype, hopefully it lives up to everything I want it to be, though it doesn’t offer functionality for swiping so that’s a downside.