Blog it up!!

By: | Oct 8, 2016

Blog it up   Games that I have been playing So over the past week I been playing this clicker game called egg Inc.  The egg game is pretty fun you basically tap your phone to get chickens, then your able to get money from those chickens and upgrade your buildings to hold more chickens, and you… Read more »

Lets Blog It Up!!

By: | Sep 26, 2016

So over this past week I done a lot, I played soccer 4 times for the leagues that I’m in, the new season of Overwatch came out and I was playing a ton of that, plus I got into the beta for battle rite champions it’s a super fun game been playing that when I get… Read more »

UAT Over the Break

By: | Aug 25, 2016

Hello! I’m Dominick Kane, a Game Design major and Student ambassador here at the University of Advancing Technology. Semester’s here at UAT are fun, exciting, and full of energy and life. At UAT, we do attend courses year-round, but we also have semester breaks that are usually a week or so to unwind and go… Read more »