The Road to Evo: Part 5

By: | Jun 23, 2017

Choosing a main character in any game is never an easy task. Committing to one character is the only way to perfect a character in the shortest amount of time, especially in Melee. Different characters hold different mindsets and those mindsets are key to choosing a main. Choosing a main can vary from anything, be… Read more »

The Road to Evo: Part 4

By: | Jun 9, 2017

Hey! I know you guys haven’t heard from me in a while. Here’s what’s gone on since the last Road to Evo. I went to a weekly at the SAK Gaming Lounge right off Baseline. Although I didn’t do too well, I met a lot of people, got to see my friend on the big… Read more »

The Road to Evo: Part 3

By: | May 23, 2017

This past weekend, I attended Runback 2017 and I can say that I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, met some new friends, and got a chance to talk to some of the best in the game! Being able to play new people outside of the usual two that I play with was… Read more »

The Road to Evo: Part 2

By: | May 19, 2017

Since the last blog, I’ve been practicing extremely hard to try and give the competition a run for their money. In case you didn’t read part 1, I’m headed to a major tournament called Runback. Big names such as SFAT, Shroomed, and Axe will be there and unless I’m playing in the top bracket, I’ll… Read more »