Reflecting on My Time Here.

By: | Aug 12, 2017

In a few days, I’ll be graduating from the University of Advancing Technology. This is somewhere I’ve met lifelong friends from all over the nation. This is somewhere I’ve learned about my passion. This is somewhere I called home for the better part of two years. This is where it all started. When I was… Read more »

Multiplayer comes to Final Fantasy XV!

By: | Aug 4, 2017

With the new expansion, the newest Final Fantasy is able to connect friends and players in the vast world that Lucis! Closed online testing is available starting today until the 8th. With this new expansion, players will be able to customize their characters and choose the path that their character goes on. Weapons available to… Read more »

Super Smash Bros. Melee got tampered with?

By: | Aug 3, 2017

  With the week springing up on BlackHat and DefCon, there are a lot of security issues that people take for granted. In the Smash Community, competitive play is usually based off of good sportsmanship and fair play. For a game with no company support, an almost two decade old console, and recent tournament mods… Read more »

Season 11 of Diablo III Has Started!

By: | Jul 21, 2017

Hello! Diablo III’s 11th season has begun and people are rushing to complete rifts upon rifts. There’s a huge chance that people haven’t slept yet. Starting on Thursday at 5PM, people rushed to create and build their characters. Some chose new classes, some chose fun classes, some chose optimal classes. So why is this important?… Read more »