Finals Finally here.

By: | Aug 16, 2017

Hello everyone as you may of gathered from the title its Finals week and I’m almost done. This whole semester was one giant learning experience, I have had the chance to work on extraordinary projects. My favorite class so far has to be cinematography just because I have been able to work on my camera… Read more »

Indie Filmmaker!

By: | Aug 9, 2017

Hello folks today I would like to talk about film making and doing this independently, when it comes to movie making its being on the production set that I enjoy most. The main part I enjoy is being behind the camera, whether this be Director of Photography or a camera operator just being able to… Read more »


By: | Aug 1, 2017

Hello everyone! Jake here and recently everything has been awesome! Finals are almost on the way and I’m excited to start working on these everything from filming to writing papers. the only thing I have been up to is filming writing scripts , and listening to music. Some of the bands I have been listening… Read more »

Pokemon Go! Again?

By: | Jul 25, 2017

  Hello All and yes the Pokemon Go app has returned to my phone once again. The Pokemon Go app has had a lot of updates so I thought about giving it another shot and tried downloading it again. I also made my girlfriend download it too and I have to say it quite fun… Read more »

Spider-Man Homecoming! Spectacular (Spoilers)

By: | Jul 19, 2017

  Hello everyone that reads this! I recently had a chance to go see the newest and I have to say that they did the best in getting Peter Parker/Spider-Man. This all goes back to Sam Rami’s versions were great but I always found something messing from the Spider-Man and this bugged me (pun not… Read more »