We Should Get a Boat

This post has nothing to do with a boat, just so you know. However, there is a little bit of back story to that. Maybe another day you will learn about it.
This post is just going to show you some progress on some art that I’ve been working on. This isn’t computer art. I’ll get to that eventually once I’ve sorted out the stuff I want to show. The pieces are chess pieces that my friend printed off using the 3D printer we have here. He didn’t design them, just so you know. They are steam punk based, so I am painting this set, which is one side of the board, grey with black and red highlight. The other set will be tan colored with white and gold highlights.

The chess pieces.

The canvas is for Art Unplugged. This is an event that we host once a semester. You have one month to make a piece of art that does not involve electronics of any kind. It doesn’t have to be traditional art. It can be music, a story, a poem, a dance, woodworking, or whatever else.

My canvas for the Art Unplugged project.

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