SIP (Student Innovation Project) Fair and Finals

It’s been a busy few weeks here at UAT.

Yesterday was SIP Fair. For those who aren’t familiar, SIP stands for “Student Innovation Project”, and it’s something all of our students complete before graduating UAT. In order to qualify as a SIP, students must prove that their idea is innovative in some fashion. At UAT, we have two classes related to SIP, PRO211 and PRO483.

In PRO211, students come up with an idea and begin exploring different methods of documentation. This is the class I am currently in. In this class, we also begin practicing our idea pitches, and we recruit team members to help our with the project. After taking the PRO211 class, students begin working on their SIPs outside of a class.

By the time their project is mostly finalized (and the documentation is all set), students can then take PRO483. This class mainly assists students in their final portfolios, although one major part of the class is the SIP pitch and SIP fair at the end of the semester. At SIP fair, students show off as much of their projects as possible, and allow the UAT community to experience the projects first hand.

The PRO483 students had some really neat ideas. One student made an interactive story version of Peter Rabbit in a unique way. Another student created a vibrating dog collar for deaf dogs that can be controlled via Bluetooth. Another used the movie Red Sand as his SIP, specifically the method of color correction they used for the night scenes.

I’ll post a link here as soon as I can find the recording of it.

Other than that, I’m just working on finals. Check out Jaylyn’s blog post for a little info on what our robotics final is.