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As you might have heard from Molly’s post, we went to San Diego to meet the kids that are actually using the program our team created called My Music Mosaic. All Greater Good Foundation were the ones that provided the opportunity to go out there and they were the ones that brought the project to UAT in the first place. It was an awesome opportunity in all regards and I loved getting a chance to gather user data from the kids themselves. We were able to observe them in their classroom environment and we got a ton of feedback from the students themselves. What I found to be especially rewarding was how much the students loved the program and just found it really cool in general. Also it was great to see some students taking the artwork they made and putting it into other program to manipulate it further, that was something really cool to see.

I think the opinion that was reflected by most of the students was that they wanted more and not just more of brushes, and pallets, but more customization. They wanted more creative freedom and I completely agree. A lot of the suggestions we¬†received¬†were things that we wanted to do, but couldn’t in the time frame we were given, so we’re planning on making more improvements and adding a lot more for the kids at the Center for Children.

My Music Mosaic participants from the Center for Children in San Diego

This is our team Ryan, Josh, Molly, Vesna, Me and we’re just missing Amanda who couldn’t make the trip

Here’s a picture of all the participants you can see Molly’s post for more pictures and another perspective of the trip.

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