Life in Digital Art

Being in the Game Art and animation degree it safe to say that I like to do art, digital art and all kinds of art, and I do it a lot. Sometimes I have more work then I know how to deal with but that’s part of the fun. I am currently on two projects, plus personal stuff I work on in my “free time”. That might not sound like a lot but these two projects need to get done by the end of the semester so each week needs noticeable progress or they will never get finished. I am on an internship with Retora Game Studios which is run by an alumni of UAT, Tyler Coleman. Retora gave me the other interns and I a great opportunity to work together with a company of professional game developers towards a finished and published game. We are still in pre-porduction and this week most if not all of the concept for the project needs to be finished. I also have a SIP (Student Innovation Project) that needs to be complete by this semester. Our team is slowly growing but it still has a daunting amount of work ahead. As long as we keep our scope in mind throughout the process I have faith in the project. I live week to week, so I have to rush to finish everything this week before I imagine thinking about the weeks ahead. Working on games is lot of work and it is something I become more familiar with every single day.

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