Life in Digital Art – part 3

The end of the semester is drawing ever closer and these huge projects also need to start finishing up. The two large projects that i started in the beginning are looking good but they still have so much work that needs to get accomplished.

My Student innovation project, the game virtual reality game using the occulus rift is like I said almost complete. One of the main components of the product is to get a network going so people can play with each other however there might not be enough programming man power to get the task complete. The project on the other hand, the part of the game that needs to be finished so we can get credit for it, is almost complete. We still need to integrate a puzzle system and finalize the environment pieces. Players can roam through the game now we need to implement the interaction and we will have a working protoype for a game.

The Internship that I am working on is going well but we have a deadline to have a playable game by December 20th and there needs to be a lot of crunch time to get the programming side of the game done. Unfortunately one of the programmers dropped the project so they were left short handed to finish what needs to be done. The art side is for the most part done, the animations for the characters have recently been finished and now all there is left is the 2D GUI work. After this week and at most after next week all the art will be done so the rest of the time could be spent polishing.

With these huge projects I still try to find the time to do my own art. i recently took up the task of submitting something to the Blizzard student art contest. i need to create a character that can fit into the World of Warcraft game. I made a concept and started to model the character in zbrush. I am choosing to do a Night elf / warlock kind of character who looks pure evil. I am excited about it but I need to finish it sooner then later especially before finals.

That’s some of the fun I’ve been having in the life in Digital Art.

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