Life in Digital Art – Part 2

Over the last couple weeks there has been some considerable amount of work done for each of the projects I am currently working on. As lead Artist for the Occulus SIP(Student Innovation Project) I can see some awesome progress being made on the level environment for the game. To recap, the Occulus SIP is a project I am working on that I need to graduate. It consists of a virtual environment that would be used for a lobby or an interactive world where people can hang out and explore with their friends while using the Occulus Rift. The Occulus Rift, for those who do not know, is the newest soon to be commercialized virtual reality headgear that is not yet on the market; and UAT has one! We have programmers working on the scripts for triggers and events and myself and another artist are working on the level environment.

I like to draw,sculpt, paint, digitally or traditionally in my recreational time and I picked up a color pallete challenge recently. What this is, is a list of 30 color pallettes for each day of the month to be used for a digital painting. It is great practice for understanding color theory and for digital painting in general. The problem is, I have other work that keeps piling onto the my schedule and I lose a day here and there, until more work piles on, like it has in the last week to where I have had to drop the challenge all together. for my Internship I was assigned a character to model which is a good 15-20 hours of work. Granted I was given about three weeks to complete this, which is fine. Now however, we needed another character completed that hasn’t been started that needs to be done by Sunday, and I was given the task, so there goes my free time. its Hectic, but I’m enjoying myself.

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