First of First 48

Hey guys hope everyone had a good Halloween with all the tricks and treats. So one thing that I have mentioned in the past is the 48 hour challenge, some of you might want to know what the heck it is about. As mention before a 48 hour challenge is pretty self explanatory in the way that you only get 48 hours to make a film, there are many types of 48 hour challenges and some that are not 48 but 72 or etc. For now I will tell you my experience after doing a higher level position and what are some rules from this part 48 hour challenge.

Usual Rule:

During these types of challenges these are usually the requirements during the start of the event;

A Genre , a specific line, and a specific prop.

Of course there are different types or requirements for each competitions but that is some of the main one I have seen. During that time in the 48 you have to write script, film it and then go into the post process so it can definitely get hectic at time.