FINALS!!! and pre-break plans

Hey guys how are you guys doing, for most its the start of a new semester, well for us its the end of the semester here at UAT and so that means one thing, FINALS. While many will be doing late nighter/ all nighters to catch up work and the meaning of TGIF has never meant so much. Anyways instead of boring with blah blah balsdflkajkdhfakl kind of work I wanted to tell you guys what I will be doing over break. However I must first make a confession, I am a fan of cosplay. Yep and I decided that I will try my first cosplay for DragonCon next year. Now you must be ask “Alex why are you waiting so long?” well you see DragonCon is like THE convention for showing off costumes, and to do so I wanted to create something really bad ####. But since this is my first costume this will take me a long time and be a process. So I will share with you guys throughout the year pics and links on my costuming process starting after break.

Now if you excuse me I have to go back to work, signing off….. Myagi

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