End of the Semester

The last week is finally upon us at UAT’s 2013 fall semester. It is finals week so everything I crammed into my skull throughout the semester needs to resurface to finish the various finals. It is stressful but rewarding when wrapping up the classes with final submissions and tests. By the end of it I will have learned a lot and will be extremely ready for the Holidays.

The Projects that I have discussed in previous blog posts are also coming to fruition and pretty close to the expected outcomes at the beginning of the semester which is a good thing. the SIP project, the one with the Occulus rift, has a working prototype and the programmers are working on the network so we can show off our idea to be admitted into the pro483 class which is a requirement for graduating. This pro483 class is the final class you have to take when attending uat. At the end of the class you show off your SIP(Student innovation project) and your portfolio in order to graduate. It is the plan to graduate next semester so it is exiting and daunting at the same time. I’m not quite sure what my next steps after graduating are but i will worry about that when the time comes.

As for my internship the game is looking great. A lot of the teams hopes and dreams are relying on the programmers at the moment to bring everything together, but for now we are optimistic for the end of the week to have a working game.

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