Elation, pure elation!

So on Friday I finally got word that the project I’m working on with Molly, Josh and Amanda is going to be given space at the HCI International 2013 Conference to show off our cool project! I’m so excited, we’ve been working on this project only for about a month and we’ve been able to do some really cool things and it’s for a good cause and it’s applicable to my major. Elation is the only word to describe my feelings and even that doesn’t tell you how overpowering-ly happy I was all Friday, I told everyone I bumped into!

We had to go through a short less than 300 word essay application and now we have a longer essay 4-5 pages that we’ve got to complete in the next few weeks and then we’ve got to fill a 48″ x 96″ poster with all the information we’ve learned on our project so we can show off our project. I’ll share more about our project as it nears it’s firstĀ debutĀ in a week or 2.