Education System

A friend of mine sent a video to me that really got me excited and worked up. This video is about something that I have been passionate about for a few years. It’s about the education system. Back in Rawlins, Wyoming, some students had a real tough time decided what to do. This wasn’t because they were unsure of what they wanted, it was because they got a lot of pressure from the teachers and other adult figures in the community. I got some of this pressure as I left high school. A lot of the teachers and other adults don’t see the real value in the arts. I’m not talking about just art class where you sit with a pencil and paper and sketch a still life. I’m including band, choir, art, welding, drama, and other classes as well. They are pushing students away from those classes and experiences. As I graduated, they had just changed the class requirements for graduating for all of the new students. I don’t recall the exact changes, but it required them to take more academic courses and left hardly any room for abstract(elective( classes. I was so frustrated by this. Like myself, some students wanted to get a job in one of the elective fields, like art, choir, band, mechanics, and welding. However, they were looked down upon for it, and adults would try and steer them away from that.
As the video points out, abstract classes get all the senses involved. It is easier to learn through these types of classes and subjects for most people. It’s also been found in studies that students who have arts classes perform better on academic tests. This is why I don’t’ understand why school’s want to add even more academics and cut from the arts. I just want this to change, and not for me. It’s too late for me. But I want my younger siblings to be better than I am, to be smarter and more creative. And I feel like changing the education system is the only way, or at least a really good one.

Here is that video: