Digital Art and Finals

The projects over the semester are going great but its been rough trying finish them on top of the Finals. It is easier to take it one day at a time for every assignment and they usually get done, at least that’s been true for every semester I’ve had before. there always seems to be a shortage on time at the end of the semester but I guess its that way for everyone.

Some of the the Finals are fun but still a whole lot of work. For my Digital art class We have to work in teams to create a cohesive project with matching styles. Everyone has different skills and styles in the way they paint so its hard to get everyone’s work looking cohesive, but that’s part of the project.We are using Google drive to upload our references and work in progress so the entire team of four can keep track of what the other people are doing. The idea we planned was to create world that could be the base for all our paintings. The Final requires that everyone to have 3 paintings that match with the rest of the group. Throughout the semester we have been trying to match different styles of different games such as WindWaker, Sly Cooper, Minecraft. This Final steps it up and allows us to create our own style but it is still important for everyone to keep in contact with each others progress so we can keep things on track. it is easy to forget about the other team members and do your own thing but in the end there will most definitely have bad results. Teams need to stay in touch and work together adamantly or it will fall apart, something I have learned a great deal of while studying at UAT.

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