Art Unplugged

On November 1st Art Unplugged was due. That morning I realized I needed to finish my project for that. So I got up at six and stared at my blank canvas. Then I got to work. I pulled out my inks and brushed on some umber color and waited a bit for that to dry. Then I started to peel off some layers of the newspaper to reveal it. After that I put another layer of ink to get the newspaper to look antique. Once that coat had dried, it was time for the charcoal hands and sewing machine. I used black, white, and tinted charcoal. It’s hard to see the tinted charcoal, but it’s there. After that, it was time to tear the canvas. I wish I had torn it anyways. I just pulled out my knife and cut that part away. It would have looked cooler if it was actually ripped. I realized I needed a needle to sew it back together. It was now 8 in the morning and I had two hours before this was due and I was still in my pajamas. I took a quick trip to Wal-Mart and bought some needles. Sewing without a thimble was terrible, but I got it. By the time I was done and I had gotten dressed, it was really close to 10:00. I got to the school just in time, and was the only one that showed up. So I won by default. Someone else had done something, but there was some confusion on when it was presentation time.
The theme was antiquity and invention, so I was hoping the hands would show the past and the sewing machine would show invention as well as antiquity. Also, the ink and newspaper were to help with antiquity as well. I’m proud of the way it turned out for essentially 3 hours of work on it. However, it is far from done. I plan to add some red highlights to the sewing machine and also pull some thread through the machine as well. It was suggested that I continue the hand on the left down onto the rest of the canvas. I will also add some darker paint to the holes where the thread goes into the canvas to emphasize that they are pulling there. I’m also going to roughen up the edges of the tear. One of the last things I’ll do is paint the edges of the canvas black to clean it all up.

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